Into the Light: Emerging From the 2020 Pandemic


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As you begin reading “Into the Light: Emerging From the 2020 Pandemic” you will be drawn into Mary McManus’ unique perspective of experiencing a world pandemic as one who contracted paralytic polio in one of the last epidemics in the United States. Mary’s revelations about her struggles with whether or not to receive the vaccine despite sharing on the local news she planned to receive it after her husband received his, reveals Mary's tender heart and ability to be vulnerable. She shares how the pandemic unearthed traumatic memories from her tumultuous childhood after polio and will leave you asking the question, “How has Mary been able to live life with an attitude of gratitude, hope, optimism and faith after all the challenges she endured.” Mary’s poetry and essays chronicling 18 months of emerging from the 2020 pandemic is woven with her valiant and inspiring story of healing her life after the diagnosis of Post-Polio Syndrome in December 2006. Mary’s beautiful journey provides a road map to discover the light in all of us.  

Virtual Book Launch for "Into the Light: Emerging From the 2020 Pandemic happened on 12/13 on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Love by Intuition Show with host Deborah Beauvais. Enjoy Mary's delightful conversation with Deborah. It's chock full of information about her healing repertoire and how she was able to overcome fear, choosing faith, optimism, hope and gratitude to navigate life emerging from the 2020 pandemic.

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Such an empowering book of transformation!  "Into the Light" takes us on an amazing journey with an ‘attitude of gratitude’. A journey traveling through the pandemic, Mary shares her motivational, inspirational state of appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. She cultivated the power of gratitude through the difficulties highlighted during the pandemic following her healing from Post-Polio Syndrome, finding ways of maintaining Runnergirl along with husband Tom, and daughter Ruth Anne.

Mary finds herself navigating her beliefs and decisions, using her mind body connection to help regarding the vaccine after the memories of contracting paralytic Polio during the last polio epidemics in the United States.
Mary’s wonderful words that flow through her journaling and poetry bring emotions forward with powerful guidance and appreciation, using the pandemic as a great force for transformation and growth, encouraging us to our own place of self-reflection. ~Michelle Townsend C.Hyp, D.Hyp, C.I.H, UKHR, I.H.A, CNHC Registered.  Professional/Clinical Hypnotherapist. Founder of ‘Harmony Life Balance’

"Into the Light:Emerging From the 2020 Pandemic" has been selected by Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network for their Books We Adore List.

Here is what Tony nominated and Grammy award winning actor Sean Allan Krill had to say on Instagram about "Into the Light: Emerging From the 2020 Pandemic:" "Thank you for the copy! So grateful to be included, and to have played a small part in your journey back into the light ♥️"

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"Into the Light: Emerging From the 2020 Pandemic" is a selection of the WBZ News Radio Boston Book Club.

Mary McManus is known to many in the Boston area as a motivational speaker, author, poet and survivor; a champion of resilience who refused to let a tough disease known as Post-Polio Syndrome ever stop her or slow her down. She’s run marathons including Boston in 2009 and Mary has never stopped giving back. She does so now in her new book, “Into the Light: Emerging From the 2020 Pandemic.” Her perspective of course is interesting knowing of her own personal resilience in fighting against a devastating diagnosis and, in the new book, she is very honest about how the pandemic brought childhood trauma once again to the surface. She writes about how she got through it all with a great deal of faith, humor and that unique perspective that people like Mary have. ~Jordan Rich, The Book Club WBZ Boston News Radio

One of the most rewarding reviews I have ever received, " I just wanted you to know we purchased your book today. We thought we could read it to our daughter while she is in the hospital. We thought that we would benefit from the encouraging poems."