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From Wicked Local Brookline: "Brookline resident releases pandemic poetry book" featured Mary's release of  "Hope is a Garden: Poems and Essays From the 2020 Pandemic." Read the full story by following this link.

Tune into Bernie Siegel, MD's  Mind Health Matters radio show on Dreamvisions 7 Radio on May 20, 21, 27 and 28 at 12:00am or 12:00pm ET when Mary, Bernie and Deborah Beauvais, visionary behind Dreamvisions 7 Radio and TV Network will be talking about Mary's latest book, "Hope is a Garden: Poems and Essays From the 2020 Pandemic." Follow this link and click Listen Live. It will also be available in the archives. Mary shares her incredible journey of transformation from enduring childhood paralytic polio and severe abuse at the hands of family members through the gift of poetry, the power of the mind/body connection and her good fortune of finding her way to Bernie's work and wisdom. Tune in to be uplifted and inspired and rekindle your sense of hope and optimism regardless of the challenges you may face.

On June 9th at 8:30 pm DST, Mary will be recording her interview with Carol Olivia Adams for her The Matter of the Heart podcast to share her powerful journey of transformation from a survivor of paralytic polio and trauma to the finish line of the 2009 Boston Marathon and beyond.

Mary's healing story was featured in the Heal Documentary newsletter and under Healing Stories on their website:


In September 2020, Mary was part of the Virtual Boston Marathon Expo speaking about her journey as a most unlikely runner as part of the Late Life Running-Whole Life Running Panel. Internationally renowned runner and running historian Roger Robinson moderated the panel with guests Gail Kislevitz, Jonathan Beverly and consecutive Boston Marathon record holder Ben Beach. They answered questions and offered insights about the benefits and joys that come with “even more miles.”

Mary was the special guest speaker at the Hyannis Marathon Weekend in February of 2020 at the Pre-Race pasta dinner. It was an honor and a thrill for Mary to share the stage with runner icon Bill Rodgers. Her blog post, “Embrace the Possibilities” captures the event.

Bill Rodgers and Mary
Mary with running icon Bill Rodgers at the Expo


Mary sharing her inspirational journey
An enthralled audience listened with rapt attention as Mary shared her journey from a wheelchair to the finish line of the 2009 Boston Marathon and beyond!

In April of 2019, Mary was featured on Magic 106.7’s Award Winning Exceptional Women show. Listen here!

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David R. Hamilton Ph.D.’s “Tenth Anniversary of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body”

how your mind book cover

features Mary’s remarkable journey to health and wellness. Dr. Hamilton is a best-selling Hay House author and international speaker.

Mary's story
Mary's story harnessing the power of the mind/body connection to heal the effects of polio and trauma.