Bermuda Race Weekends

Sunrise over Hamilton Harbor
Sunrise over Hamilton Harbor Bermuda Half Marathon 2016 

In December of 2014, Mary sustained a serious knee injury to her left knee. She was told to stop running or to cap her distance at a 5K and prepare for a total knee replacement in a few years. Partnering with a chiropractic/healer, they used KT tape, chiropractic and a new strength training regimen to get her back on the roads. At the Finish at the 50 5K, her comeback race in July 2015, Bermuda Race Weekend had a booth at the Expo. It was always on Mary's bucket list to run in Bermuda. Before she crossed the finish line of the Finish at the 50, she resolved to run the Bermuda Half Marathon. And so she did...

With Town Crier at Start
At the start with Town Crier Ed Christopher
John Smith Bay
Sensational views along the course!
Finishing strong
Finishing strong on Front Street

Mary returned to Bermuda to run the Bermuda Half Marathons 2017 and 2018!

2017 finish
Proudly wearing 2017 Bermuda Half Marathon medals with our Bermudaful friends  Natalie and Tim Price.

The full complement of Team McManus ran the 2018 Bermuda Half:

Finish 2018 Bermuda
Team McManus wearing beautiful bling after crossing the finish line of the 2018 Bermuda Half Marathon!

The Adventures of Runenrgirl 1953, the third book in Mary's Trilogy of Transformation captures all of the excitement and suspense of Mary's Bermuda adventures.

Book cover Adventures

Mary's adventures in Bermuda continued as she trained for the 2024 Bermuda Marathon Weekend 10K after a six year hiatus from events and after a setback in her health and wellness journey in 2021/2022.

Book cover